The High Council of Informatique which is the Iranian government IT controlling and advisory authority annually investigates and asses the expertise, educational level, practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of all companies active in the Iran’s IT sector. Companies are allocated points based on their products and after sales services and the results is announced in a yearly report. The report is commonly used by the general public and corporations as a yardstick to compare technology related companies within Iran. We are very pleased to announce that the Maadiran Group has been ranked as the number 1 private IT company in the country by the end of 2015 spring.

Maadiran Group again recognized as Iran’s number one private sector IT company
Maadiran is once again officially recognized as Iran’s best private sector IT company by the Iranian government in it’s annual IT benchmarking study. The group has consistently come in first place for over several years.
Sharp AQUOS LCDs in Boeing Airlines
According to Sharp World reports, new Sharp’s AQUOS LCDs have been utilized in pilot and copilot cabins of Boeing 787 jets.
IPS7, the Most Recent LG Monitors
Cinema Screen monitors in two 23” and 27” sizes and by their 1.2 mm ultra thin edges are so delicate which are called “Edgeless or sightless edge”.
New LG IPS Monitors in Market
LG started the new IPS series monitor named IPS4 in market. This fantastic model shows images without any changes in quality and seems to be a big mutation in replacing TN panels with IPS.
SHARP Biggest LED in Global Market
SHARP’s new 90 inch LED TV has become a huge innovation in quality and quantity development.
LG Launches 3D Television-Monitors in Market
LG runs 27 inch 3D monitors in world’s market. DM2752 and M2752 are these 3D model monitors with special functions such as IPS panel, Full HD resolution and wide view angel.


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